How to cleanse your crystals

How to cleanse your crystals

Crystals build up energetic clutter over time and use, therefore it’s important to cleanse when you receive a new crystal. I personally cleanse, charge and bless all the Astro Stassia crystals before I ship them and here is how:

Soil, you can bury your crystals in the earth and leave them overnight, this is using the earth element to purify (try doing this under an earth moon)

Selenite, selenite is known as a smudging crystal, it can be used like sage to cleanse. You can buy slabs of selenite or selenite bowls to place your crystals on, and the selenite will effectively cleanse and charge your crystals.

Water, this is one of my favourite methods of cleansing my crystals, you can use a natural water source like the sea, a lake, a river, a spring etc if you have something like that close to you, or you can use running taps in your home. Only rinse your crystals for a few minutes as some crystals will erode if left in water. (Tip: add himalayan salt to water in a bowl to create at home salt water)

Sunlight, I prefer this method during summer when the sun is shining and warm during the day, leave your crystals out for a few hours, try not leaving them for too long as some crystals like Amethyst will fade in colour over time.

Sage, using smoke to cleanse crystals is a great way to use the energy of the fire element to purify your crystals, use sage or burn whatever your favourite herb or incense is and bath your crystals in the smoke.

Moonlight, leave your crystals outside under the moonlight over night. I prefer to do this under a full moon but you can choose the moon phase that relates to the properties of your crystals and your intention.

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